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Keeping your teeth healthy begins with at-home care and regular visits to the dentist, but it doesn’t end there. Maintaining your overall health with a good diet also contributes to a bright, beautiful smile.

How Does My Diet Affect My Teeth?

A healthy diet contributes to more than your overall health. What you eat can also affect the health and look of your teeth. Just like the rest of your body, your teeth need certain vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. For example, minerals like calcium and potassium can help remineralize your teeth in the very early stages of tooth decay. The fluoride in your toothpaste, and the professional strength fluoride applied by your dentist, also contribute to this process, which can actually reverse early cavities.

Avoiding sugary, sticky, or very acidic foods also helps prevent major problems with your teeth. The bacteria that cause tooth decay feed on the sugars in candy, cakes, and other forms of junk food. The sugar provides an excellent environment for them to grow and multiply. Highly acidic foods like sour candies and even citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can erode the enamel on the surfaces of your teeth. Very hard foods, if you bite into them, can chip your teeth.

The Importance of Good Dental Health

Maintaining good dental health can also help you maintain a good diet. If you have lost teeth, it can be hard to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Many people who have lost numerous teeth eat soft foods and therefore do not get all the necessary nutrients for good health. In addition, allowing cavities and gum disease to develop can lead to severe problems such as extensive decay and tooth loss, and can even increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

In addition to diligent at-home care, you should visit your dentist regularly. The prompt treatment of cavities, gum disease, and other issues such as oral cancer help ensure long-term oral health. If you have any questions about proper at home care, an effective diet to keep your teeth healthy, or other issues be sure to talk to your dentist.

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