sedation dentistry TorontoOne of the primary reasons people put off or totally avoid a visit to their dentist is fear.  Fear that because they have avoided going for so long, they will be faced with having to deal with a huge laundry list of dental maladies.  For those who have long feared their dental provider, we now have needle-free methods to overcome your dental issues, and a visit to your dentist to learn more about sedation dentistry in Toronto should become a priority for you.

In recent years, it has become apparent that many people are putting off needed dental work due to anxiety.  Having nitrous oxide available for nervous patients did help some, but for those who could not overcome their fear of needles, and needed more than nitrous oxide, there was a gap in what could be done.

Now there is a way to provide nervous patients with a calming method to complete needed dental care.  Depending on the extent of your dental needs, there are several types of sedation options available.  If you require dental surgery, your dentist might refer you to an oral surgeon.  However, if you are facing a procedure where you need to be conscious to assist your dentist, or want to avoid a local anesthetic, sedation dentistry offers a solution for you.

With sedation dentistry, your dentist will provide you with a prescription for a sedative to take an hour or so before your appointment.  It is important to note that visiting your dentist for treatment using sedation dentistry does require someone who is able to transport you to and from your appointment, and also be able to stay with you for a few hours after you arrive home from your appointment.

Once in the dental chair, additional sedatives are administered.  The dentist and assistant consistently monitor their patient throughout the appointment to make sure all vital signs remain normal.  For most patients, although they do remain conscious throughout their procedure, they report that they do not recall anything and it feels like they slept through the appointment.

For patients who fear the unknown, or who might be embarrassed because they have avoided the dentist for many years, the availability of sedation dentistry can now offer a long needed remedy.  Your dentist completed many hours of specialized training to be able to offer this service, and that long awaited visit can be just around the corner.