dentist Toronto downtownKeeping your teeth clean and healthy can help ensure that you’re confident about your smile and about how to present yourself to other people. A bright smile makes a good first impression, and if you’re concerned about how your teeth look, your smile might not convey the confidence you want to convey. Regular dental hygiene, visits to the dentist, and occasional whitening treatments if necessary can ensure your smile is the best it can be.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean and White with Everyday Hygiene

Everyday dental hygiene is the most important step toward keeping your teeth clean and preventing stains, decay, or gum disease. This includes brushing regularly with a toothbrush that is neither too stiff nor too soft. An electric toothbrush provides better results for some people, keeping the gums stimulated and removing food particles from the teeth that could eventually lead to tooth decay. A toothbrush can also gently scour stains from the tooth surfaces, particularly those caused by foods, beverages, or nicotine.

Flossing is also important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Flossing removes food particles your toothbrush can’t reach, particularly just below the gum line. Proper technique is important to successfully clean without damaging the gums. If you’re not sure how to floss effectively, ask your dentist for a demonstration. You should also visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth examined, X-rayed, professionally cleaned, and treated with fluoride.

Teeth Whitening for Your Brightest Smile

To keep your teeth stain-free, avoid staining agents like tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, or fruit juices. If your teeth do become stained or discolored, you can use whitening treatments to remove the stains. There are several ways to whiten your teeth, some of which you can do at home and others that are only available from your dentist. Common whitening treatments include:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • At-home whitening
  • Professional-strength, in-office whitening
  • Professional-strength, at-home whitening

While some at-home treatments help reduce minor stains, more severe staining responds better to professional treatment. If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, talk to our dentist about the most appropriate treatment and call our office today!