dental implants yorkvilleFollowing the loss of one or more permanent teeth, you may have concerns you will never be able to resume eating and speaking the way you once did. Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you love, speak without hesitation, and smile with the self-confidence you enjoyed before tooth loss.

A consultation with your implant dentist will outline what is needed for a successful outcome.

Good health – You will be questioned about your overall health to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure. Chronic illnesses, allergies, and special needs will be reviewed.

Dental health – A thorough dental exam will be conducted. Dental X-rays are often required to determine bone strength in the area for implantation. Insufficient bone does not automatically eliminate your chances for success, however, building up bone prior to implanting may be advised to help ensure a positive result.

Commitment – The overall dental implant process can take a year from start to finish. The patient must understand and be willing to follow all recommendations made by their implant dentist.

Tobacco use – Smoking contributes to overall poor dental health, so tobacco use is strongly discouraged throughout the implant process as smoking is one of the primary reasons dental implants fail.

Infection – Keeping the implant area clean by brushing, flossing, and following all recommendations by your dentist increase your implant’s success. An infection may result in the need to remove the implant and either abandon the program or start over.

The titanium implant your dentist will surgically place in your gum tissue will eventually become the base of strength and stability for your new tooth. While you are healing, bone is grafting to the implant. Eventually the implant will act much like the roots of your biological teeth to hold the final restoration in place.

Throughout the healing process your dentist will give you specific instructions regarding chewing, cleaning, and overall implant protection.

At the conclusion of treatment, your restoration will have been made to match surrounding natural teeth, thus making your implanted tooth blend so well that it will be virtually impossible to detect.

Caring for your implant is no more difficult than the care provided to all of your teeth; daily brushing and flossing coupled with six month visits to see your dentist should allow you to enjoy your new tooth for life.

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