Crowns are a type of restoration usually used for severely damaged teeth or teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure. In the past, if a tooth needed a crown it was usually covered with a metal restoration. Today, you can opt for a porcelain crown if you choose.

Porcelain vs. Metal Crowns

Although metal crowns have been the standard for a long time, many people now prefer to have a porcelain crown placed. A porcelain crown can be color-matched to your other teeth, so that, unlike a gold crown that is readily visible, it is virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth. Porcelain is durable and long-lasting, and is particularly effective on teeth that are normally visible. It also does not conduct cold, so it won’t increase sensitivity as a metal crown sometimes will. [pullquote]Although metal crowns have been the standard for a long time, many people now prefer to have a porcelain crown placed.[/pullquote]

If you require a crown, your dentist will discuss the options with you to determine what kind of crown is most appropriate. Back teeth sometimes are better treated with a metal crown because of the pressure these teeth must endure during chewing. Another option is a metal crown covered with porcelain, which provides the advantage of being tooth-colored.

Reasons for a Crown

In general, a dentist will recommend a crown under several circumstances. They are not used as often as they once were, since less invasive methods are now available for cosmetic treatments. Reasons for treating a tooth with a crown include:

  • The tooth has already been treated with a large filling
  • The tooth has cracked severely
  • The tooth has been damaged
  • The tooth has been treated with a root canal procedure

In these situations, treatment with a crown helps keep the tooth intact. Crowns can often help you keep a tooth that might otherwise be lost due to extensive damage or decay.

Once your dentist has determined you need a crown, you’ll go on to discuss the options and decide whether porcelain, metal, or metal bonded with porcelain is the best option to treat your tooth.

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