Root canal therapy is one of the most misunderstood procedures in dentistry. Most people become very uncomfortable and anxious if they must undergo a root canal. In truth, the root canal procedure is routine, and rarely causes more discomfort than a filling or crown. Dr. Nicholas Kemp, a dentist in Yorkville, can explain the ins and outs of root canal therapy and help you feel more at east about the procedure.

Some questions often asked about root canal therapy include:

Why is a root canal necessary?

A root canal becomes necessary when a tooth is so decayed or damaged that the root pulp, a soft, sensitive tissue inside the tooth, is seriously infected. The root canal procedure can save a tooth by removing the infected, damaged pulp and the root that serves the tooth. The tooth can then be preserved rather than removed, allowing your teeth to remain in their natural alignment.

How is a root canal performed?

To perform a root canal, your dentist first makes an opening in the tooth. Through this opening, he inserts special tools that remove the pulp and the nerve from the tooth’s interior. After this part of the procedure is complete, he will thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the inside of the tooth. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, it is then sealed. Often times, a crown is placed on the tooth to hold its shape and make it stronger.

What issues can lead to a root canal?

Teeth can be severely damaged by extensive decay, injury, or trauma. Sometimes these conditions can lead to a root canal procedure. If the tooth can be treated in another way, your dentist will pursue that treatment. In general, the root canal procedure is saved for cases where the tooth cannot be saved in any other way. However, when a root canal is recommended, it is often the best way for you to keep the natural tooth in place. Otherwise, the tooth would have to be removed and replaced with a fixed bridge or a dental implant.

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