There are many reasons why patients choose sedation dentistry in Toronto.  Patients that have a fear of dentists in general often will put off even the most minimal care required to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  And avoiding those trips to your dentist twice a year for cleaning and a thorough dental exam can lead to long, invasive and costly procedures that might have been averted with regular dental maintenance.

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful option for patients with:

  • Fear of needles
  • Inability to sit for an extended period due to pain or discomfort
  • High anxiety level
  • A lengthy or extensive procedure

There are several important factors that you should know if you are considering sedation dentistry.  First and foremost, dental providers must be trained and qualified to perform any type of sedation dentistry.  And having the essential equipment in their offices based on the type of sedation dentistry offered is imperative.

How does sedation dentistry work?  For example, if you are undergoing oral surgery, you might be sedated with an IV delivery – this type of sedation will put you to sleep.  However, if you are undergoing less invasive procedures, sedation dentistry can be administered using sedatives.  And even though a patient might feel like they have slept during their dental procedure, patients are kept on a conscious level for their own safety, and so that they are able to cooperate with their dental provider during their procedure.

The patient will be in a state of total relaxation during sedation, and even though awake during their visit, some patients feel as if they did sleep during their procedure and might not even remember it at all.  The sedatives require a patient to have reliable transportation to and from their dental appointment, and should have someone able to stay with them for two to four hours upon completion of the dental appointment.

And even though the dentist and staff are trained in sedation dentistry, it is important for the patient to make sure the dentist is aware of all medications and supplements being taken; and that as an informed consumer, you educate yourself and understand the facts about sedation dentistry so the best decision may be made for your particular needs.

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