teeth whitening TorontoOf all the things you can do to improve your appearance, whitening and brightening your smile is probably the most noticeable.  And teeth whitening in our Toronto office has never been easier!

There are many reasons why teeth become stained.  The stains that appear on the surface of the teeth can be due to consuming dark colored beverages such as wine or coffee, certain foods, tobacco use and normal wear and tear.  The stains that form on the interior of your teeth due to trauma to your teeth, aging and exposure to certain minerals at the teeth forming age are treatable as well.

Teeth whitening does work on virtually all types of stain.  But understanding how it works can make a huge difference in your particular success.

Since teeth whitening is not a permanent solution, maintenance or touch-ups are needed if you are looking for long term improvement.  If you are seeking a more permanent solution, your cosmetic dentist can offer other options such as veneers or using a bonding agent that is placed on stained teeth to cover areas of concern.

As with most dental procedures, teeth whitening has many positive attributes; but there are several questions you should consider before undergoing this process:

  • Quite often there are high expectations for “unnaturally” white teeth – most of us start out with sparkling white teeth, but if your teeth are more naturally yellow or grey, achieving a higher level of white might be more challenging.  Your dental provider can demonstrate with a teeth color chart what results you can expect to achieve.
  • If you already have crowns or veneers, they will not be affected by any whitening process.  If you are whitening before other cosmetic work, it is wise to wait two weeks before scheduling that next appointment as your final whitened shade can take that long to be determined.
  • If you have recessed gums exposing root surface, the area near the gum line is often difficult to whiten.  Additionally, exposure to certain whitening agents can create sensitivity resulting in discomfort that usually lasts only a couple of days, but can last up to a month.

Whether you select your dentist’s latest laser technology or another method of teeth whitening, always make sure you follow your dental provider’s instructions for care and maintenance so you can enjoy that brighter smile for many years to come.