teeth whitening torontoDental stain or tooth discoloration can mar your appearance. Teeth whitening provided through your dentist can update and enhance your smile making this improvement easily obtained and very often an economical procedure.

Acquiring teeth whitening through your cosmetic dentist has many advantages over purchasing teeth whitening products at your local store or online. An initial dental exam will help to determine if you make a good candidate for whitening. This exam will also help you to decide which type of whitening will work best for you.

When you work with your dentist you have a resource available to address any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and after your whitening process.

Your cosmetic dentist will provide you with the most powerful whitening products available. Coupled with expertise, you will benefit with the brightest smile achieved safely and comfortably. All whitening products and accessories will be provided with you specifically in mind making sure all products dispensed are in your best interest.

How long teeth whitening will last has a lot to do with the patient and their lifestyle. There are certain things to avoid or limit to make your new smile last longer including:

Beverages: Tea, coffee, cola, and wine all have the ability to stain dental enamel. You can drink cold beverages through a straw to allow as much of the drink as possible to bypass teeth. 

Foods: Tomato-based sauces, berries, beets or just about anything you can think of that might stain clothing or your tablecloth will also stain your teeth. Plan to brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly as soon as possible following consumption.

Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco in any kind of use is harmful in so many ways.

Illness: Work with your dental provider to see if there are alternative medications that will not have the side effect of staining your teeth.

There are touch-up kits available to help refresh initial teeth whitening. You can also help by making sure you brush and floss daily. See your dentist for a thorough cleaning, polishing, and dental exam every six months; follow any instructions given to achieve best results.

Whiter, brighter teeth will certainly improve your smile, and could take years off your appearance. Call us today to get a head-start on a brighter, new smile!